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Learn Spanish fast with the online course version of my language school. Spanish teacher specialized in accelerated learning methods.

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Speed-Learning Spanish Course!

Basic Conversational Spanish Fluency in 15 hours.

Why struggle to learn Spanish when you can enjoy the experience?
Discover the way your brain was designed to learn: Speed-Learning.

Thousands of satisfied students Perfect 5 star rating 🌟

Learn Basic Conversational Fluency In 15 Hours

How to learn Spanish?

Online Spanish Course

Go through my online course at your own pace and as often as you’d like.
My unique approach to teaching has a perfect 5-star rating on my FB page.

Basic conversational fluency normally takes hundreds of hours over years, I can get you there in 15 hours of fun 🙏
You will also learn how to use Speed-Learning to unlock your brain’s innate ability to devour and retain any information.
I’ve simplified the language into it’s bare minimum components and teach them in the most efficient way possible.

If you’re motivated to learn Spanish, my methods deliver the fastest results! If you’re not 100% satisfied halfway through the online Spanish course, you can simply stop and ask for a full refund. (valid up to 2 weeks of purchase)

Why Me?

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Online & Live Spanish Courses

Why struggle to learn how to speak Spanish when you can actually enjoy the experience! Discover the way your brain was designed to learn; Accelerated Learning Methods.

Take your cultural / social / romantic experiences to the next level & stop paying “tourist prices”!

I’ve simplified the Spanish language into its bare minimum components and use neuroscience to teach them in the most efficient way possible. Basic conversational fluency normally takes hundreds of hours over years…

You could get there in 15 hours of fun if you decide to invest in yourself and buy my course.

You’ll also learn how to use ancient accelerated learning methods to unlock your brain’s innate ability to devour and retain any information.

The course includes:

  • Over 5,000 words (that can easily be transformed from your English vocabulary)
  • 12 verb tenses (you only really need the 3 essential ones)
  • Proper sentence structure (formulating 10-30 word seemingly complex sentences)
  • Conversational confidence & Flow (it’s one thing to know a lot of words, but the most important part is to be able to string them all together on the spot without stressing)

Online Spanish Course FAQs

Is the recorded course as good as a live course?

The online course is actually a recording of a live course, so it’s basically the same content. It’s been getting fantastic results and feedback so far.

The advantage of learning live is to be inspired by the intense energy and get a customized experience.

While my students are focused on Spanish, my focus is on their brains. They become my puzzles to solve. And I love puzzles.

That being said, the video production company did a great job captivating the energy of the lessons.

 I am already at an intermediate level, is this course for me?

My courses are not designed based on current levels of fluency per se… They’re designed to generate results.

Anyone who is still not confident with;

  • Handling a basic conversation
  • Verb conjugation
  • Stringing sentences together with flow.
  • Their ability to learn/ remember things will benefit greatly from this course.

I’ve had people with 0 Spanish experience up to 10-12 years of lessons and everything in between.

How is it possible to learn Spanish in 15 hours?

Great question!

1st of all, the active vocabulary needed for everyday conversation is just 500-1500 words. That’s all we need to confidently handle a basic conversation.

Secondly, we’re not actually learning an entirely new language from scratch.. we will be taking a shortcut fueled by accelerated learning methods.

Back in 1066, William the conqueror led the Norman invasion of England. For about 300 years, England was French!

They absorbed THOUSANDS of French words.

More than 50% of the English dictionary is of Latin origin!

There are several simple recurring patterns that we can learn and outsource to our Reticular Activating System so that it can effortlessly translate for us.

Thirdly, most courses needlessly waste hundreds of hours going over verb tables.

Any verb tense can be simplified and explained in just a few minutes. Once you understand the simple recurring patterns, you can easily conjugate any verb without struggling to remember anything.

Fourthly,  we will not waste time learning, studying, and testing grammar rules.

They will all be effortlessly absorbed throughout the course thanks to specific regions of the brain that are much more adept than the prefrontal cortex.

Finally,  most learning methods target the prefrontal cortex, your conscious brain.

That’s why it takes so long while feeling so difficult and tedious.

I specifically format all the information so that it gets processed by the most efficient parts of your brain; mainly the hippocampus and subconscious mind.

That’s why you will be able to have such impressive results in such a short time frame with a very high level of retention.

If you have any questions regarding my online Spanish Course,  contact me here.